State-of-the-Art, modern facilities
in both the US and abroad

From Traditional to Trenditional!

Established in 1933, on Manhattan’s lower-east side - the cradle of the garment industry. Julius Young, Inc. aka Julius Young Hosiery and Underwear has been uniting retail buyers with manufacturers throughout the world for over 7 decades.

Originally, Julius Young served as a reputable intermediary between manufacturers and retail organizations, with a wide customer base, ranging from Macy’s, local retailers, flea markets, and at times, even peddlers.

Julius Young evolved into a modern supplier and manufacturer of active wear - “any-wear”. Provided of course the products were traditional, staple merchandise, which always sold at below market prices.

Eventually, Julius Young grew beyond its regional client and supplier base, and expanded into a fast paced national scene, supplying hundreds of chain discount stores with top tier products.

In response to the ever-changing retail apparel environment, Julius Young hit the mainstream by supplying high quality, valued added products to major retail accounts, name brand organizations, and even getting involved with major licensed properties in the process. Success has quite simply been, implementing a philosophy of adapting to the ever-changing whims of the fashion industry and its insatiable appetite for quality, timeliness and low costs.

In addition to its many in-house brands, Julius Young offers full package, turnkey solutions to those interested in custom apparel programs. With principle offices in Newark, Miami, and the Caribbean, Julius Young provides its client with a flexible, yet dependable supply chain.

Julius Young now offers a full range of custom apparel products. House brands such as,

“Duke of Kent”, “Juli Jong”and “Royal Diamond”

offer retailers a cost-effective choice.

Our US operations, strategically located in the Northeast, occupy over 130,000 square feet, and is supported by well over 100 employees. From this facility we provide a strategic logistical flow of merchandise to any location in the US. We process over 30,000 dozens of apparel items per week and have a capacity to embellish over 20,000 Dozen items per month.

Our off-shore manufacturing capability, which is located in the Caribbean offers 7 day transit times to the US. With multiple sailing days during the week, we can efficiently arrange for timely delivery of your products.

Manufacturing operations consist of over 150,000 square feet, and approximately 800 skilled laborers. With up-to-date certifications from all major retail chains, and cerebration agencies, we can assure the ethical manufacturing of your products.

Regional Supply Chain, Why Not?

In addition to the conventional manufacturing services offered, we also offer other value-added services, such as screen-printing, embroidery, heat transfer and ready-for-store packing. Regional Suppliers, and trading partners allow Julius Young to offer products ranging from the simplest bulk-pack items, to fully packaged, value-added products.

Developmental support staff is experienced and trained in various modalities and practices, offering your design team new ideas and solutions to complex design issues. Electronic design and pattern making capability allows our staff to work in real-time with yours.

Given the proximity of our manufacturing facilities to the US and the ability to ship either directly to your DC, our US warehouse, or multiple retail outlets, logistical challenges become advantages in today’s just-in-time mentality.